Welcome to Vision Foundation

As much as we would like to believe that human beings bestow the right amount of care, concern and appreciation on their older generations, that is hardly the case. Most aged people after having contributed their best active years to their families and society face a very bleak future.Since their utility is exhausted with old age and infirmity,their own loved ones look upon them as burdens.Very few,if any,have any means of economic sustainance. In most cases they are dependent on their families for the most basic necessities such as food,clothes and shelter.
These frail old people are actually neglected,humiliated,abused and even starved at the hands of their own family members.Far from caring for their elders and their mental as well physical well being,sometimes the relatives subject them to rather inhuman behavior. Marginalized by society and abandoned by their own families,they experience tremendous mental anguish and uncertainity about their present and future.
This juncture in their life calls for a true well wisher who can give them a helping hand,which both reassures them and as well as guides them towards a secure existence.Vision Foundation Varanasi is one such organization which steps into the lives of such despondent and helpless elders and restores their sense of independence,their sense of worth and most importantly their dignity